I am a Scottish woman in my thirties. I swear a fuck lot. I have manic depression (bipolar I disorder, don’t get me started on why I hate the new name) and I’m mostly recovered from bulimia/binge eating disorder. Not remotely recovered from the manic depression which I am frankly shite at managing. I spend a lot of time, in fact the majority of my time while awake, trying to deal with my thoughts and feelings of which I have an excess due to my mental illnesses and that is why I do not have a job. I’m fat and I’m trying like fuck to believe in fat acceptance. I’m also white, queer and cis. I try hard to be what some people call politically correct but what I call polite. I’m a gamer and mostly play MMOs. I used to have pet rats but don’t anymore because of the practicalities of my disability and where I live just now. I’d love to have a dog. I like taking photos of my rats, other people’s dogs and the sea. I am an atheist. I’m a big fan of reading and particularly love science fiction, dark comedy, historical drama and a lot of non-fiction, maps and even instruction manuals. Rtfm is a solution to many problems. I like listening to music and used to play a lot when I was younger. These days I just play the guitar and sing only to entertain myself or to exorcise songs that have got stuck in my head.

This is a personal blog and so I will post about any of these subjects and random other shite too. That’s why I called it bank alt. Posts are very irregular. There are some posts password protected because I decided they had too much personal information to be public. Or I was too embarrassed by my pretentious writing.


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