A week to go

I move in a week. I was offered a housing association flat. It’s very nice. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is a bit further away from the area I would prefer to live in but that’s it and that’s not a huge deal. It’s a secure tenancy, my own place that I can’t be chucked out from at the whim of a private landlord, not a high rise, it has huge rooms, it’s on the first floor which is perfect, my new neighbours seem nice, the bathroom and kitchen are nearly new, the rent is so cheap and I’ve had it painted and put in new flooring so it looks great. I should be so excited and pleased but instead I wish it wasn’t happening. I can’t find any enthusiasm for it at all.

I shouldn’t be so ungrateful. I want this to be over and just stay in my little flat without having to go through any of this. I’m worried I’ll hate the new flat and it was unwise to put all this money into it. I’m worried that I’ve forgotten really important things that I will kick myself about and that people will laugh at me about. I’m stressed and tired. I feel like I am haemorrhaging money. I’m worried I’m going to regret all these decisions that I keep having to make.

I need a plan of what I still need to pack so I can work out if I can have a day off. Still to do:

  • hall cupboard
  • last CDs
  • eight kitchens cupboards and one drawer
  • stereo and TV
  • desk drawers
  • computer
  • clothes and shoes
  • lamps
  • pictures


  • Thursday: get delivery, clean out fridge and microwave, hall cupboard, last CDs and one kitchen cupboard
  • Friday: take shoes to charity shop, go to supermarket, wash landlord’s dishes, four kitchen cupboards, get O to get boxes down from high cupboard
  • Saturday: clothes and shoes, pictures, lamps
  • Sunday: take clothes and shoes, pictures and lamps to new flat
  • Monday: three kitchen cupboards
  • Tuesday: stereo, desk drawers
  • Wednesay: last loads of washing, TV and computer, finish up anything left over


I’ll have to push some of one day into another day if I want a day off. Also need to get the cooker delivered one day which will be a wait down at the new flat plus should clean the bathroom. This is more than I thought oh god.


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