Life After E.D. website

Life After E.D.:

“Many of us have come here because we are at our wits end from the screaming voices in our heads, the voices of our eating disorders. We finally have come to a point where we want our own voices back and we are ready to be louder than our disease.

We realize that our behaviour and our thinking is insane. That all the “control” we thought we had over our lives is actually a lack of control. That we have given over all our power to a way of living that is not a lifestyle, but an addiction.

We’re here because we finally have come to the understanding that starving is NOT the answer, that purging does NOT solve our problems, that weight loss is NOT going to fix a thing. We’re here because we have finally seen with enough clarity that recovery is the only path to living.


‘Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.’ – Confucius”


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