Weight and not filling in food diaries

I weighed myself this morning after eight hours sleep and I am 14 stone 10lbs which is 206lbs or 93.4kg. That makes my BMI 34.7. The last time I posted my weight I was 14 stone 7lbs. I’ve been weighing myself twice a week or so since then and it’s always been within those three pounds.

It’s completely unsurprising as I’ve had several ‘proper’ binges (including two I’ve not posted on 9th June and 18th June), several ‘mini’ binges and I’ve comfort eaten a lot too. There have been several times where I’ve nearly tipped into a binge but haven’t quite. It’s all a fucking nightmare.

I meant to start filling in the food diary on Friday morning again (after promising myself to re-start the week before too) but I haven’t done a thing.


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