Quote: meaning of recovery

From Pro-Ana Nation:

“No one can force you to get well. That simply would not work. You must make the decision. Do you want to carry on living like this? Or so you want to change? You will probably feel scared at the thought of change. That is a normal feeling regarding recovery, and it is alright to feel scared. […]

The process of recovering is about beginning to hope or rekindling the hope you once had for a productive present and a rewarding future – and believing that you deserve it! It involves having your own vision of the life you want to lead, seeing and changing old patterns and discovering that symptoms can be managed. It means doing more of what works and less of what does not.

Recovery is not just about getting rid of symptoms. It is about getting back any lost rights, roles, responsibilities, potential, decisions and support.

Recovery is about reclaiming your roles as a ‘healthy’ person, rather than living your life as a ‘sick one.’ Recovery is what you want in your life, how to get there and how others can support you in your journey.”

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