I weighed myself this morning after four hours sleep (no quetiapine! ;-) and am 14 stone 10lbs which is 206lbs or 93.4kg. That makes my BMI 34.7. I didn’t restrict on any days and ate particularly healthily (as in normally) on Friday and Saturday.

My psychologist has asked me to fill in a food plan writing down everything that I eat and also to aim for three meals and three snacks each day. I did that on Friday and Saturday and it was made me feel more in control and I had less cravings to binge. The cravings I did have were still strong though. I can’t remember the last time I had a full-on binge – maybe the beginning of March or sometime in February? Might only be six weeks ago so it isn’t surprising that I still have the cravings. In the past I remember the cravings gradually decreasing the longer I went without binging. It just takes time.


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