Quote: meaning of cure with analogy

Professor Nick Craddock in Pendulum, Spring 2007, page 6:

“It all hinges on what the word ‘cure’ means. The reason why I avoid the word ‘cure’ is because as a doctor my understanding of the word cure is that you take away the susceptibility to being ill. For example if you catch pneumonia, a cure is that you have an antibiotic and that completely eradicates the bacteria and you are free of it unless you catch the bacteria again. But in the case of asthma, it is not sensible to talk about a cure because the person almost always continues to have the susceptibility under certain circumstances. What we can do is to alleviate the symptoms and prevent episodes. If the person stops taking any medication or preventative measures, they would be quite likely to develop the symptomos again. There is an exact parallel with bipolar disorder.”


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