From yellow journal

New journal, new start and all that sort of thing! I’m in a hotel room which is very nice and far too expensve for me to afford. I need to come to some decisions. I’ve already decided to move out of S’s flat. I shall try to move into MS as soon as possible. If that isn’t available I’ll ask the accommodation office what they have available. I must have my own room – and I don’t want catering, do I? Apparently the food is awful. And going into catered halls is far too much like being a first year. Do I really care what people think that much? Where it is and whether it is single should be the first priority. I can go to C and phone the Accommodation office from there. If the university doesn’t have anything at all suitable then I will have to go round all the notice boards and find somewhere that way. If I have to get a private place then it will take more time. I shall ask Dad about the car. If I have a car then wherever I live I won’t be isolated. I felt MS was too far from S’s flat but with a car it would be great. I’d be a lot more inclined to go and visit people if I had a car. Also no more walking home carrying shopping in the rain. Actually probably no more walking home full stop! :-) Then I should get myself moved as soon as possible – push to move in quickly. Once I’ve done as much as I can on that score I must organised a timetable of study. That will be fun. But S is right, it is doable and better than repeating third year. Also I am almost decided on doing an further degree – possibly anatomy or physiology. At some stage I’ll find out the timetables and what they actually involve. Right, best get some sleep for tomorrow.


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